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Please view this entire page before booking, scheduling, contracting with Thursday Productions LLC, affiliates, company, partners, or branches. Please scroll down to see policies for products and services.

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Please read carefully the policies, terms and conditions of use before booking, scheduling or contracting for products and services created and provided by Thursday Productions LLC and its affiliates and other companies, partners, and branches. By booking products and services provided by Thursday Productions LLC, you are agreeing to comply with the following terms, conditions, and policies.

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Expedited Fees

When the client books Thursday Productions products and/or services within 7 business days of the deadline, the client will be charged an expedited fee for the cost to expedite equipment that is needed for the project or the cost to transport team/etc. to the project location/etc.

Extra Fees/Charges

**Client is responsible for extra charges that may involve or include: 

  • Changing the color of a logo or elements

  • Removing the background of a logo

  • Creating logos, graphics or icons

  • Buying elements or stock images/video

Before Thursday Productions applies these extra charges for your website or branding content, Thursday Productions will notify the Client and the Client must confirm and approve these elements and/or extra charges. These charges will appear on the final invoice. If the Client chooses not to confirm and approve these extra charges, the Client will be responsible for creating these elements or notifying Thursday Productions or suggesting an alternative.

Copyrights & Publicity

Thursday Productions has the right to use the work completed for the Client as portfolio content and advertisement work on social media platforms or other channels. The Client has the right to advertise the work but cannot give credit to uninvolved parties or engage in exploitation or negative messaging before, during, or after the project, concerning the work completed or of the Thursday Productions brand. Client does not have the right to remove Thursday Productions branding or watermarks unless specifically requested by the Client in writing and/or a branding removal/white-labeling fee is paid.

Alternative Agreements

Verbal agreements and guarantees during the creation stage/process or the photography/videography session are not valid and are not guaranteed to be adhered to or completed by Thursday Productions. Only the terms and services, agreed upon by both parties, in writing (electronically) is contractually binding for Thursday Productions to complete, provide, and adhere to. In writing can refer to emails, texts, forms, contracts, and/or questionnaires. Being that the terms, details, services, conditions are in writing ensures proper documentation, project completion, and allows for accessibility for both parties to reference. Extra videos, graphics, photos, content, information, design, maintenance will not be provided unless a new contract, new proposal, and/or new payment is signed (electronically) and agreed upon by both parties.

Separate Fees

**Client is responsible for his/her hosting plan, email, paid versions of marketing tools, domain (url). Thursday Productions' service fee is separate from these fees.** 

Services other than your  maintenance, namely photography, graphic design, blogging, video editing, videography, creating and/or developing marketing plans, marketing advice, developing mission statements, developing business information, social media management, paid promotions or campaigns, consulting, creating templates, email marketing, public relations, sales, will be provided at a separate and additional fee, agreed upon by both Thursday Productions and the Client. These additional services will not be provided until an agreement on timeline and payment are signed.

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