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On January 31st, I'll share with you the most important tips, fundamentals and experience that I've learned and acquired from creating different designs for different clients!

Please understand that the information in the workshops is based on my experiences. Please treat these workshops as design help that is optional for you to use. This information is not intended to replace all design courses or serve as universal or one-size-fits-all design principles.

Each workshop uses Canva Pro (paid subscription). The Website Design workshop uses both Canva Pro (paid subscription) and an account with Wix (free or paid). You absolutely CAN use the not-Pro version of Canva (free) but some elements may not work. I will do my best to show you alternative elements for each design creation that works for the free version.



Elevate your designs! In these workshops, we will create some of my favorite designs! Choose your workshop below and I will show you step-by-step how to create branding content and/or website designs! In each workshop, I will also share with you the essentials when it comes to designs and the creative process.

I look forward to seeing you there!

What's in each workshop?